Our Team

Zachary Solomon Thames, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Golden Intellect, LLC, would like to thank the following people:

Patricia Thames also known as Momma Bear: thank you for supporting your wild, rambunctious, ambitious, rebellious son in chasing any and every dream. Your hard work, determination, unselfishness, and love for your children is truly a testament to how beautiful of a person and Mother you are. 

To Kayla Thompson, also known as Buttercup: thank you for challenging me to be better. For being the smartest person in the room. Similarly, you have chosen the path of your heart and aspirations as you pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. You are part of the origin story of Golden Intellect and everyday you help me fill the pages of my life, so thank you and may the chapters only get better and denser from here.

Additionally, I would like to thank my Brother Gabriel "Jaye" Thames. By far one of the smartest people I know. Thank you for helping me learn so much about myself and for our debates and late night conversations. You were there when I needed you the most and for that I can't repay you. 

I would also like to acknowledge Kevin Campbell for your wise words, Matthew Vidal for believing in me, Kadeem Ricketts, Esq., for going the extra mile and the rest of my family, friends, peers and even strangers who have helped in the architecture, design and launch of this beautil ship. "To new adventures we go." - Zachary Solomon Thames.