About Us

**The video above was Zachary Thames, our CEO of GoldenIntellect giving an elevator pitch for the 2021 Society of Human Resource Management "Better Workplaces" competition in Tampa, Florida.

Here at GoldenIntellect, we aim to provide every college student in America multiple internship opportunities through the completion of on-demand tasks for small and medium sized businesses. 

To date, there has not been extensive research on internships but of the research performed such as that by Dr. Corey Moss-Pech**, the research articulately suggests the following:

  • College students who lack strong inter-institutional connections, must find their own internships which is rarely successful and often are looking for work for approximately 3-6 months following graduation

  • Differential access to inter-institutional connections between schools and employers produce unequal labor market outcomes between college graduates by major 

**Moss-Pech, Corey. "The career conveyor belt: how internships lead to unequal labor market outcomes among college graduates." Qualitative Sociology 44.1 (2021): 77-102.

Thus, we have performed Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) analysis on inefficiencies of inter-institutional connections between schools and employers and have designed our strategies to improve and remedy identified inefficiencies for the benefit of college students.

The power of task-based learning:

  1. Immersing yourself into an activity can be more productive than a lesson. Living in a foreign country immersed in a foreign language versus taking a foreign language class; who will learn the language faster? 

  2. Many college students graduate from college not knowing the preliminary skills necessary for their career.

  3. Practice makes better. Mastery in school does not always translate to a master of craft; mastery of craft is a mastery of craft.

  4. In order to learn how to drive a car, you need to drive a car. Yes, knowing the basic rules are significant but that alone is not enough to be a safe driver.